MinProSim® is a Mineral Processing Simulator developed since 2003 for the analysis and optimization of mineral processing plants, also includes additional tools that herlps the metallurgist int heir daily work. MinProSim ® is designed to be the tool for the metallurgists to simulate ore dressing plant.

MinProSim® is easy to use at a very affordable price. The models and tools included in the software are the result of 12 years of research and development validated in a wide range of mineral processing plants. MinProSim® is designed to be intuitive and easy to apply including specials tools used to help the metallurgist in their daily work. The software MinProSim® includes the aplication Tools by MinProSim®.

MinProSim® features are:

  1. Intuitive flowsheet editor of the processing plant
  2. Mass balance module to run metallurgical data reconciliation
  3. Model fitting module to tune the models to the operational conditions
  4. Simulation module to optimize and design mineral processing plant
  5. Tools by MinProSim®. for the daily operational work

Tools by MinProSim® features are:

  1. Determination of the ball trajectory inside the mill
  2. Determination of the Grinding kinetics for batch testing
  3. Determination of the Wi
  4. Determination of the Axb and ta parameters
  5. Conversion of Units application
  6. Determination of the optimum ball size for tumble mills
  7. Determination of the ball charge string
  8. Determination of the charge level in AG, SAG and Ball mills
  9. Bond theory for the ball mill sizing
  10. Bond theory for the evaluation of ball mills

Models Available

  1. Jaw crusher
  2. Cone crusher
  3. Gyratory crusher
  4. HPGR
  5. Vibrating screes, single and double deck
  6. Ball Mills
  7. AG and SAG mills
  8. Hydrocyclones
  9. Mixers
  10. Splitters
  11. Multiple Water feeds
  12. Multiple solids feeds
  13. Efficiency Curve
  14. Size degradation
  15. Ultra fine grinding

Additional Benefits:

  • MinProSim® is the most cost effective solution in the market, since It has been design to be a acces at low cost for all users and supported by ours sponsors.
  • International support in all continents
  • Regular training program at an affordable price
  • Perpetual license for all users
  • Research and development of new models and growth of Tools by MinProSim® with the support of our sponsors.