Dynamic Flowsheets

MinProSim® provides a friendly graphical interface like no other software. The system enables dynamic connection create any flowsheet according to the design of the plant. It also includes integration with office tools, you can use Excel as an interface for reporting and data analysis. Also has a graphics system that allows evaluating the results obtained by the program.

MinProSim flowsheet

Mass Balance

MinProSim® has a mass balance module that allows metallurgical data reconciliation from sampling. The mass balance algorithm is based on matrix algebra and with the solution method of genetic equations implemented, ensures the best statistical representation of plant flows.

Model Fitting

MinProSim® has a powerful genetic algorithm  to adjust the variables of the model to the sampling data . It never has been so easy and quick to fit models of the equipment operating in the plant and to design new operations.

Simulation Module

MinProSim® allows simulations with simulation module. With this module it is possible to evaluate changes in the plant without making any physical changes. This tool is useful for efficient and sustainable operation at low cost.